After Party Cleaning

If you throw a party at home or at the office, you can call us to tidy up everything for you!

We are here to serve you! We also help you with pre-clean services, when you set-up your party!


  1. Dusting all surfaces.
  2. Throwing all the empty bottles and cans away.
  3. Washing all the dishes and glasses.
  4. Cleaning and polishing all surfaces and tables.
  5. Disposing of the garbage and changeing the garbage bag.
  6. Tidying up the floor.
  7. Cleaning the cupboards and drawers, only on the outside.
  8. Refrigerator and freezer cleaning, only on the outside.
  9. Microwave cleaning, only on the outside.
  10. Tidying up the diswasher and the washing machinde, only on the outside.
  11. Kitchen and bathroom cleaning and washing.
  12. Sanitising and washing the bathroom and toilet facilities.
  13. Removing stains and finger marks from the door handles.
  14. Tidying up the lampshades and light switches, where possible.


  • price: £14/h
  • minimum 3 hours


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