Office Cleaning

Every office has different needs and we customise our offer and business cleaning to meet yours!

If you want to have the best image possible when your customers and visitors come to your office, you need to hire THC Services London.

London, call us! We will start working on the right solution for you!


  1. Reception area dusted and finger marks removed.
  2. Pictures and art deco dusted.
  3. Magazines organised.
  4. Clearing up the garbage bin and changing the bag.
  5. Clearing up the floor.
  6. Clean desks and remove finger marks.
  7. Dust the computer screens, base units and telephone equipment.
  8. Polishing mirrors and glasses.
  9. Dust skirting boards.
  10. Tidying up the bathroom sink and the kitchen.
  11. Clearing up the toilet seat.
  12. Tidying up the refrigerator and freezer, on the outside only.
  13. Removing the marks and stains from the microwave, only on the outside.
  14. Clearing the marks and stains from the dishwasher, on the outside only.
  • price: £14/h
  • minimum 3 hours

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